About Us

The Whole Purpose

The Whole Purpose builds customized, high-impact and integrative programs for individuals and corporations that provide a comprehensive approach to Mindful Wellness through a balanced lifestyle based on nutrition, physical well-being and purposeful communication.


Mindful Wellness supports optimal well-being through nutrition, fitness and stress-reduction, resulting in a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  Purposeful Communication is the ability to clearly and effectively communicate ideas and needs, establish and maintain healthy relationships, develop active listening skills, turn conflict into cooperation — improving the quality of professional and personal relationships.
The integration of Mindful Wellness and Purposeful Communication will produce a sustainable solution to create an enhanced well-being, increased productivity and a healthier and happier quality of life.


Kelly Lam

Kelly Lam is a wellness expert and founder of The Whole Purpose, a company that offers individuals and corporations an innovative approach to physical and emotional wellbeing through Mindful Wellness and Purposeful Communication.


After many years working in corporate America, Kelly realized the vital need for healthy and balanced wellness solutions. Through her first-hand experience, she has brought ‘whole’ solutions to various global corporations and exercises her talents by producing corporate and specialty events that are customized to promote individual health on a broad scale.


Kelly’s passion and expertise combine to create a unique connection with her clients that stems from her own personal journey towards wellness, coupled with the desire to empower others. With many years in the wellness and nutrition sector, Kelly is a seasoned consultant and teacher of yoga, nutrition and health programs designed to achieve optimal wellbeing.


Kelly is an active philanthropist and serves as a board member for several non-profits and organizations including, Project Hope Alliance, The Center for Living Peace, The Center for Spirituality, Hoag Hospital’s Woman’s Committee and the University of La Verne’s President’s Advisory Council. Her passion to help the community is shown through Kelly’s hard work and desire to help others live happy and healthy lives.