Orange Coast Magazine – 35 Kick Ass Women

Kelly Lam was featured in a recent Orange Coast Magazine’s article titled “35 Kick Ass Women“.

Bona fides: When Lam found herself craving two yoga classes every day to feel at peace, she knew it was time to leave the real estate career she’d built for a decade to find more balance. In 2013, she created The Whole Purpose to build customized and wide-ranging wellness plans for companies and individual people. Lam is a connector: She expertly blends the right people together to make powerful ideas come to life. The launch of an events division—including Women with Purpose and Talks with Purpose—to host themed discussions live and virtually for the community with leaders in various fields was a natural extension of her zeal.

In Her Words: “I really hope that COVID is bringing humanity back together. Having our son home for months was such a blessing in that it brought me back to realizing the importance of the small things—like cooking and making granola together. Having true conversations and not being in such a rush is so important. I think now employers need to be aware of their employees as human beings and not numbers. Our goal has always been to bring health and wellness to employees. I hope companies will embrace people as individuals.”