Adam Navidi

Chef, Owner & Founder of Oceans & Earth and Future Foods Farms

Awarded Chef of the Year for 2018 by the Southern California Food Writers.

Chef Adam Navidi

Awarded Chef of the Year for 2018 by the Southern California Food Writers, Chef Adam opened his dream signature restaurant, Oceans & Earth in Yorba Linda in December 2014.


Oceans & Earth is one of the truest farm to table restaurants in America and is 100% dedicated to Organic & Gluten Free food. His amazing menus for both Catering to Orange County’s elite and for Oceans and Earth feature unique organic produce that is harvested daily, with an option to purchase from Adam’s own organic farm, Future Foods Farms. Chef Adam’s passion continues with creating olive oils, vinegars and honey made from bees, which also come from Future Foods Farms, located on 65 acres in Brea.


Future Food Farms uses aquaponic (aquaculture/Hydroponics) farming methods where fish (tilapia) provide the nutrients to feed the plants and in return plants filter water, which provide clean water back to the fish.


Chef Adam Navidi is one of the most awarded chefs in Orange County and said to be “The Urban Farming Pioneer, carrying the torch of sustainability in the restaurant industry and the first chef in the world to be growing his food aquaponically” by The National Restaurant Association Magazine.

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