Cheri Swanson

Founder, Nutritionist

Cheri Swanson is a nutritionist based in Costa Mesa, California. Her love affair with the study of health and nutrition began at an early age. After years of being chronically ill as a child with ruptured eardrums and digestive problems, Cheri began wondering how poor nutrition might be connected to her illnesses.

At the age of twelve she began spending hours upon hours in the local library perusing nutrition books and medical texts, seeking ways to regain her health. She gave up sugar, refined flour, dairy and fried foods, which was a challenge due to the nature of her Midwestern farm-raised mother’s cooking. After several months of changing her dietary habits, all of her symptoms disappeared. This experience ultimately led her to Loma Linda Medical School, and she began to learn more about preventing disease rather than simply treating symptoms.


Cheri has been counseling and lecturing in the field of nutrition for over 30 years. Cheri’s methods are unique because her counseling creates a bridge between the traditional medical community and the alternative health community, using whole organic foods and nutritional supplements to help treat a wide variety of conditions. She has worked in conjunction with the medical field for 25 years, and understands the treatment goals and guidelines for a multitude of medical diagnoses. She is proficient in setting up complementary nutritional programs to enhance treatment outcomes. She has national recognition for her work with cancer, and is one of the top recommended nutritionists by oncologists in Southern California.


With a client base of over 3,000, Cheri has a high success and return rate, and has counseled multiple generations of families.

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